Flowbase Chrome Extension & Figma Plugin

Unlock native functionality in your favourite products.
Download our Chrome Extension and Figma Plugin from the links below.


Huge Component
Library right inside
of Webflow & Figma.

Browse through our huge library of both free and premium Webflow components and add them directly into your project without ever leaving the designer.

Add to Chrome
Icon Packs & TOoLS

Add icons to Webflow and customize them in seconds.

Discover our huge library of icons that can be added seamlessly into your projects. Change their color using Webflow's typography color settings. Yes, that means hover colors!

While you're at it, import your colors using our Figma Color Swatch Importer, then reorganize and rename them using our Color Swatch Organizer.


Unlock powerful wireframe
components used to build the foundations

Special thanks to Finsweet for pathing the way in the Webflow extension space and being a source of inspiration for our extension.