January 29, 2024

Introducing the Webflow Boosters App

Advanced code solutions added directly inside of Webflow at the click of a button.

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Meet the Webflow Boosters App

Our mission is to help you build better, faster and with that in mind, we have created our newest product, now available in Webflow Apps - The Boosters App.

Unlock the full potential of custom code inside of Webflow by browsing through a collection of popular boosters that can be added to your projects in seconds.

What are Boosters?

Boosters are simple scripts and attributes that can be added to your projects to unlock advanced functionality. As a Webflow developer, you know that often a little bit of custom code is needed to achieve specific functionality.

The Boosters App provides a free library of go-to boosters ready to be added seamlessly to your projects.

The boosters currently available in the app are:

Count-Up Booster

The Count-Up Booster can be used to easily count up to a target number when the element is in view. It will smoothly animate numbers from 0 to your desired value and is commonly used to display statistics. This booster is super user-friendly and will add some interest to your website.

Text Scramble Booster

The Text Scramble Booster can be used to add a scrambled text effect when a user hovers on or views a specific text element. Add some interest to your page with this cool visual effect.

Tooltips Booster

The Tooltips Booster helps provide interactive, additional content and guidance to your users. This booster will display informative tooltips when hovering or clicking on certain elements. You can control their position, theme, animation style and more.

Cookies Booster

The Cookies Booster controls the display of elements like pop-ups or announcements. Using browser cookies, you can control the display state of an element for a specific period of time. That way, when your user clicks close on a pop-up, you can decide how long it should be until they see that pop-up again.

Countdown Booster

The Countdown Booster is perfect for building anticipation. Add a sense of urgency and excitement by displaying a countdown in weeks, hours, minutes and seconds to events, launches, promotions etc. Set the countdown in your time, and have it formatted globally with UTC (Universal Time Coordinated).

App Performance & Updates

The Boosters App uses Webflow's secure API, and any boosters can be removed just as easily as they are added from right inside the app interface. All boosters are served via a global CDN for fast, reliable and secure delivery. Your scripts will always be supported and you can choose to update to newer versions easily via the app. That means you can trust your functions to always work, regardless of updates or improvements from our team.

We recommend using the Boosters App to automatically add your scripts - this way you can seamlessly add scripts, update them and remove them all from within the app's UI. However, we know some of you would prefer to add your scripts manually and control every step of the process internally.

If you'd prefer to add your scripts manually, you can do this via the app by choosing the "Skip and Add Manually" function. Please keep in mind that by manually adding your scripts, you won't receive the full in app support you can expect when adding your scripts automatically.

What Boosters would you like to see?

We are so excited to bring you this new product. Our team are actively working on adding new boosters to the app. We'd love to hear what sort of boosters you want, so please get in touch to request new boosters (you can do this directly inside the app via the Suggestions section or reach out to us on the usual channels).

We hope you enjoy the app and would love to see how you've boosted your sites!