November 8, 2023

Top 20 UI Inspiration Sites (2023)

We've collated the top 20 UI inspiration sites, all with links in one handy spot! Find your inspiration for your next project.

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Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of UI design is critical.

Staying ahead of the curve is essential for creating engaging and user-friendly websites. Gathering inspiration to assist in your creation process can be time consuming, that's why we've curated a list of the top 20 UI inspiration websites we've loved in 2023.

These websites have proved to be a treasure trove of innovative design ideas and trends. Whether you're seeking a fresh perspective or simply a does of motivation, these platforms are sure to spark your creativity and elevate your UI design skills.

For the full details, keep scrolling - but here they are, in no particular order!

  1. Saaspo - Learn More
  2. Land-book - Learn More
  3. UI Jar - Learn More
  4. Design Vault - Learn More
  5. Collect UI - Learn More
  6. UI Garage - Learn More
  7. Lapa Ninja - Learn More
  8. One Page Love - Learn More
  9. Nicely Done - Learn More
  10. Saas Pages by Versoly - Learn More
  11. UI Sources - Learn More
  12. Site See - Learn More
  13. Page Flows - Learn More
  14. Curated Design - Learn More
  15. Scrnshts - Learn More
  16. Screenlane - Learn More
  17. App Fuel - Learn More
  18. Mobbin - Learn More
  19. Refero - Learn More
  20. SaaS Landing Page by Cruip - Learn More

If you're entering the research phase for your next creation or project, check out this list for inspiration.

Top 20 UI Inspiration Sites


Created by Andy Hooke, Saaspo provides a curated collection of SaaS website design inspiration. We love that the collection is constantly growing and includes inspiration for individual pages, not just landing pages.

You can check-out Saaspo here.


Land-book was created by Dawid Liberadzki and is another great resource which is updated daily. Filtering by industry type is super helpful too!

You can check-out Land-book here.

UI Jar

Curated by Oykun, UI Jar is the home of appreciation for good design over trends. Meticulously handpicked, you’re sure to find a little gem of inspiration here.

You can check-out UI Jar here.

Design Vault

Design Vault, passionately created by Dale Anthony, is a platform that showcases designs that are not just limited to mobile devices. The library includes inspiration for both desktop and mobile to give a well-rounded source of inspiration.

You can check-out Design Vault here.

Collect UI

Based on the Daily UI Design Challenge, Collect UI is brought to you by Panda Network and is updated daily. If you’re looking for a huge volume of inspiration to choose from, look no further.

You can check-out Collect UI here.

UI Garage

Created by Philippe Hong, UI Garage is a one stop shop for handpicked UI inspiration with almost 7,000 patterns in the library. We love that you can filter based on specific design patterns for Web, iOS, Android and Mac.

You can check-out UI Garage here.

Lapa Ninja

The super popular Lapa Ninja is known for curating and showcasing landing page designs and website templates. Their collection highlights a variety of styles and purposes, from portfolios to app landing pages and more.

You can check-out Lapa Ninja here.

One Page Love

Created by Rob Hope, One Page Love is dedicated to the “One Pagers” - single page websites with no additional pages like About, Team, Services etc. One Page websites present information in an uncluttered way, traditionally in a long-scrolling format.

You can check-out One Page Love here.

Nicely Done

Born out of his own desire to have a single source of inspiration organised by pattern, Nicely Done was created by Bertran Bruandet. With both free and premium content available, we love the simplicity and convenience of the user flow examples for something a little different.

You can check-out Nicely Done here.

SaaS Pages by Versoly

SaaS Pages by Versoly is conveniently organised by block types. Tonnes of inspiration is available alongside best practice tips around the content and copywriting you should include in each of the block types.

You can check-out Saas Pages by Versoly here.

UI Sources

With both free and premium content, UI Sources was created by Abhinav. If you’re looking for more user experience focussed inspiration, here you can browse recordings of end to end user journeys from top grossing apps to inform your own work flows.

You can check-out UI Sources here.

Site See

Site See is a beautiful, curated gallery of modern websites. Scroll through for endless inspiration, or think about submitting your own work to be featured.

You can check-out Site See here.

Page Flows

Another great resource geared towards page flow inspiration, Page Flows has a tonne of video based inspiration. With both free and premium content, you’re sure to learn more about effective user flows here.

You can check-out Page Flows here.

Curated Design

The team at Curated Design scours the web daily to find the most innovative and user-friendly products for your inspiration. They feature products that meet high standards of quality, functionality and visual beauty.

You can check-out Curated Design here.


Created by Thomas, who was looking for a place where he could benchmark apps and look for inspiration. He wanted a place to store the screenshots he’d been taking of other products for inspirations and thus, Scrnshts was born.

You can check-out Scrnshts here.


Formerly UI Movement, Screenlane is a website and newsletter that features the latest mobile design inspiration. Although now not actively updated, there is still some great inspiration here.

You can check-out Screenlane here.

App Fuel

Built by Alex, Max & Thibault, the App Fuel is the one-stop station for app builders. If you’re looking to understand why the best apps succeed and save time on benchmarking then look no further.

You can check-out App Fuel here.


Mobbin is well-known for showcasing mobile app design patterns and inspiration. It serves as a platform where you can explore a collection of screenshots from various mobile apps, highlighting design patterns, UI elements, and UX features.

You can check-out Mobbin here.


Refero is a fantastic site to add to your design toolkit. It’s a platform that speeds up your design research process, with inspiration for assets, UI kits, templates, icons etc. Check it out for

You can check-out Refero here.

SaaS Landing Page by Cruip

Those looking for SaaS inspiration in particular should check out this one. With 750 landing page examples created by top-class companies and start-ups, you’re sure to find some inspiration for your next SaaS design project.

You can check-out SaaS Landing Page by Cruip here.

We hope this has given you a healthy dose of design inspiration and you've added some new bookmarks to your creative research list. Happy scrolling!