August 29, 2022

Set custom shortcuts in Webflow

Learn how to set custom shortcuts and keybinds inside of the Webflow designer.

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Add custom Webflow shortcuts and speed up development.

Using shortuts is a great way to save time and build out your sections much faster than before. Webflow supports a number of useful shortcuts, however there are many items items inside of the Webflow designer that do not have shortcuts available, particularly the UI elements like div-blocks and sections.
Thats why we build a tool to help you add your own custom shortcuts and assign any shortcut combination too them. Check out this awesome video from Sam Harrison who explains how he uses shortcuts in Webflow.


Current Support Shortcuts

Currently we support the following Webflow shortcuts, with plans to add more.

  1. Add Section
  2. Add Div-Block
  3. Add Container
  4. Add Heading
  5. Add Paragraph
  6. Add Button
  7. Add Image
  8. Publish Website
  9. Open Extension


Planned Shortcuts

What would you want to see next? What shortcuts would be useful for you? Please let us know!