May 6, 2021

How to Build a Count Down Timer in Webflow

Add a Count Down Timer to your Webflow page in seconds with this simple guide.

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Overview 📚

Got something special that you're counting down too? Have a limited time offer?
This is a simple solution to integrate a countdown into your Webflow Projects.

To add this into your project, follow the simple steps and add the custom code into your project or page settings.

Instructions ✍️

1. Add the custom code to your page.

Navigate to your project or page settings area and add the custom code into the before </body> tag area.

You can see this code references a few #IDs, these are the days, hours, minutes and seconds. We will add these attributes to our text elements to render the countdown.


2. Add text elements that display the days, months etc

Add text elements to your page as you require, days, hours, minutes, seconds. If you wish to display all units, days, hours, minutes, seconds you will want to add 4 text elements to your page.


3. Add #ID for Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds

While your text element is selected, navigate to the settings panel and add the IDs to match the type of count down element you require.

As mentioned, these #IDs are

  • days
  • hours
  • minutes
  • seconds

You can see how we do the same thing for hours

4. Publish & Test

That's it, you can publish this and test it works as intended.