February 15, 2023

How to Add Google Review Feeds to your Webflow Site (2023)

Build a google review feed that looks exactly the way you want in Webflow. Say good-bye to widgets and limitations, say hello to FeedSpring!

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Build directly in Webflow and connect your layout with your real and live data. 100% free to get started.

Adding real reviews and testimonials to your website is a critical element to building your businesses social proof and helps to build trust, credibility and increase conversions. With FeedSpring you can build a 100% customizable feed and display all the reviews you've worked hard to earn.

Just add simple attributes to display your real, live reviews

FeedSpring is a new tool from our team at Flowbase, that helps Webflow users build feeds without the usual limits faced with widgets. FeedSpring offers a number of feed solutions like Dribbble, TikTok, Instagram & more, but today we're focusing on the latest one: Google Reviews.

How does it work?

FeedSpring works a little differently to the usual widget solutions.

With FeedSpring you can design any layout, any section and use FeedSpring to display the real live data from your favourite services. We do this by a simple setup using attributes - its super easy to get started, and gains all the benefits of more customisation, better SEO improvements and faster load times.

FeedSpring is free to start using, so you can see exactly how it works for you without needing to add a credit card.

Why build a feed?

According to research by Bright local, eighty-four percent of individuals trust online reviews as much as they do word of mouth recommendations.

By showcasing how others have  publicly endorsed your product, service or content , users feel more confident in their choices. 

However, not all reviews & testimonials are made equal. Simply ‘hard-coding’ your reviews can leave customers questioning the credibility of a review, if you're the one controlling the content. Since external reviews are less likely to be manipulated, businesses often embed reviews from an external source such as google. By dynamically fetching reviews externally, you no longer need to manually update these while keeping your content fresh and your reviews both legitimate and up to date.

There are many plugins available for embedding reviews into your website. These plugins work by essentially embedding a script that renders the reviews onto your page. The issue with this approach is that you are forced into using whatever layout and design set by the plugin. We found that this lead to a jarring user experience in which the testimonials did not align with our website's branding, design or taste. 

That’s why our team built a new product, called FeedSpring to solve this exact challenge. FeedSpring is the first review embed built specifically for Webflow. FeedSpring gives you back the freedom to use the Webflow designer to create a reviews section that works for your business, while keeping the advantages of a traditional review embed plugin. 

Build in Webflow, complete design freedom.
Your structure turns into real, live content.

How does FeedSpring work?

Firstly, using the Webflow designer, you create the perfect layout and design for your review section. Then using the power of FeedSpring, you simply add some attributes to your layout elements, which FeedSpring then dynamically injects your latest reviews into.  For example, to render the reviewer's avatar, you would add a simple attribute to the image element on your page. Then on your live site FeedSpring will render this content on your element. By using attributes, you have the flexibility to decide on which information you want to display to users from your reviews. Inside the feedspring dashboard, you can choose how many reviews to show, filter by rating and much more.

FeedSpring is completely free to get started, so you can see if it works for you without paying a cent.