May 26, 2023

How to add an Instagram Feed to Framer (2023)

In this article we will spotlight the best way to build a beautiful Instagram feed in your Framer sites. Built specifically for Framer and 100% free for small and personal sites.

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Build a beautiful Instagram Feed in Framer. 100% free to get started and built for the Framer community.

You might assume that showcasing your Instagram content on your website is a straightforward task, but as it turns out, it's far from easy. Unfortunately, the available solutions often come in the form of basic widgets that are outdated and visually unimpressive.

Our team at Flowbase has recently developed an exciting product tailored specifically for the no-code communities - FeedSpring. With FeedSpring, you can effortlessly build and customize visually captivating Instagram Feeds that perfectly align with your desired look and feel. Say goodbye to outdated and uninspiring widgets - FeedSpring empowers you to create engaging and dynamic displays that truly showcase your Instagram content.

How does it work?

1. Select an Instagram Source (Handle or #hashtag)

Our Framer Instagram Feed works by connected to your chosen source, either via your handle or a popular #hashtag. Once you have chosen the source, we have a few very basic steps that let you select a starting component that can be pasted into your Framer project.

2. Add an Instagram Component to Framer (Multiple Layouts)

After you've selected a source inside of FeedSpring, you can pick from various starting layouts. These layouts are pre-made react components built specifically for Framer and they can be pasted directly into your project. Since they are built for Framer, all the customisation can be managed via Framers own UI. Just navigate to the side panel to start customizing settings.

3. Customize and Publish your feed

Now that the feed is added to your project you can customise the settings to suit your desired outcome. You'll find its incredibly easy to customise and settings can be controlled on each breakpoint. That means on desktop you can use a particular layout and then change it on other devices to ensure a 100% responsive and beautiful feed for all users.

That's it! Damn simple, right?

Thanks for checking out this short guide. Remember FeedSpring is 100% free for small and personal sites and you can get start building a feed today.