May 26, 2023

How to add a countdown timer to Framer

Learn how to add a beautiful countdown to your Framer project. Add it to your project in seconds

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Add a countdown timer to Framer and display something when the date is reached ✨

Need to create a countdown on your Framer site? Want to display a live countdown with full control and even the ability to trigger an action when the specified date is reached? With Framer, you can easily implement a dynamic countdown timer that provides a visually appealing and interactive experience for your users.

To add the component paste this URL in your Framer Canvas 🥳

OR Remix the project here 👉



How does it work?

1. Add the component to your project

To add the countdown component to your project, copy the component link: https://framer.com/m/Countdown-rrlY.js@qioiIhXiGx0CqfBdybLZ

Highlight and copy the full URL of the countdown component. Ensure that you capture the entire link to avoid any issues. Alternatively, you can remix our project and copy the component from the remix (Linked above)


2. Customise the styles and layout

With Framer's UI, you have the ability to fully customize every aspect of the countdown, including the layout, colors, typography, and much more. Here's how you can personalize your countdown to match your design vision.


3. Display something when the date is reached

Once the specified date is reached, you can seamlessly replace the countdown element with a new element of your choice, such as displaying a message like "Our Sale is Over


4. Publish and enjoy

That's it, just publish the project and your countdown will work perfectly on every load. Remember to adjust any settings or configurations as needed to match your specific countdown requirements. Enjoy the flexibility and control provided by this countdown component in your Framer project!