April 20, 2023

How to Add a Before & After Image Slider to Framer

Learn how to add a beautiful before and after image slider to your Framer projects. Customize all aspects including handles and labels directly in Framer.

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Compare two images with this beautiful before and after image slider.

Our before/after image slider for Framer provides the best way to allows users to compare two images by sliding a divider left or right to reveal one image over the other. This type of slider is commonly used in web design to showcase the transformation or improvement of an object or space over time.

To add the component paste this URL in your Framer Canvas 🥳

OR Remix the project here 👉

1. Copy the Component to Framer

To add the component to your project, you simply need to copy the following component link. Highlight and copy the full URL and then paste (CTRL + V) into your canvas. As an alternative method, you can also remix our project and then copy the component from the remix.


Copy the component URL listed above

2. Paste Component into Framer Canvas

Once you've copied the URL in full, you can navigate to your Framer project and paste it directly into the canvas. The component will be ready to use out of the box, you just need to select your 2 images.

Paste the component into your Framer canvas

3. Add Images & Customize!

Once you have added the component and selected your images you can start to customize various properties to suit your project. You can use completely custom handles and labels to give it a unique feel the integrates well into your product.

Customize the slider as you like

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