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How to add social share links to your Webflow Site

Add buttons to share your post / article to social media sites


Want to add buttons that let your users share their page to social media? Add these to your own Webflow site in seconds, and customise them to look anyway you like!

Just add the attributes as shown below and bingo bango wango? does anyone say that?

1. Add the Javascript to your custom code settings

Navigate to your page settings area and scroll to the bottom custom code area.
Add the following style sheet inside the last custom code section:

2. Create your buttons & add the attributes

Target your button and navigate to the settings tab.
Add your custom attribute for example data-share-twitter with the value set as 'true'

These are the following:

Name: data-share-twitter
Value: true

Name: data-share-linkedin
Value: true

Name: data-share-facebook
Value: true

Name: data-share-whatsapp
Value: true

3. Publish your site and test

And that's that ;)

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