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Refund Information

Given the nature of digital goods, all payments, fees, and charges are non-refundable. Please review the key points about our subscription policy below:

  1. Upon subscribing to any of Flowbase's plans, your subscription will automatically renew. All subscriptions are recurring by default.
  2. If you wish to discontinue your subscription, it is your responsibility to cancel it through your Flowbase account. Flowbase cannot be held accountable for unintentional subscription renewals due to customer oversight.
  3. To prevent automatic charges for the next billing period, ensure that you cancel your subscription before the current billing period concludes.
  4. A full refund can be requested within 7 business days from the purchase date if you have not used any of our services, including components or assets. To authorize a refund, please ensure that your request is sent from the email address associated with your Flowbase account.
  5. Please note that we cannot process refunds for past transactions. For annual subscriptions, refund requests should be made within 7 business days from the subscription renewal date. However, there may be transaction fees that are non-refundable.

We appreciate your understanding and adherence to our subscription and refund policy.

Other refunds
  • You will be refunded in situations when you are charged incorrectly due to technical problems and in case of fraudulent payments.
  • You are not eligible for any refunds in cases when Flowbase terminates your account due to the breach of our Terms of Service.
Submit refund request

You can submit your refund request from this page

if you still need help then please send an email to and our support team will help with the cancellation process.


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