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Webflow Multi-Step Form is not working

Learn how to get started with Flowbase Webflow Multi-step Forms.

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Getting Started

The Flowbase library offers a variety of multi-step forms that you can easily incorporate into your Webflow projects. These forms are constructed using native Webflow elements such as the form block and slider. Consequently, once you've copied them into your project, you have the flexibility to customize them according to your specific requirements.

Please take note of the following important notice: Due to the inclusion of a small script, testing and previewing your form can only be done on a published site link, such as your domain.

Custom Code Notice

When you copy these forms, they include a small JavaScript code snippet that is embedded within the form. This code snippet enables the addition of custom next and back buttons to the slide, allowing for greater flexibility in their placement.

If you encounter any issues where the slide isn't functioning as expected, it's highly likely that you may have modified the class names of the buttons, causing them to no longer correspond with the code in the snippet. To resolve this, please open the embedded code and verify that your button classes precisely match the code within the snippet. This alignment of class names should ensure the proper functioning of your slide.

Match your Button Class Name

Inside the embed element you will see the small script for our custom buttons. You need to make sure that this class matches exactly with your next and back button classes. In this demo we have the class 'custom-back-button' and 'custom-next-button'. Adjust these as you need

Add the Slider #ID

This will be added by default, but please ensure that the ID matches the script. That's it, just publish your site and view the stage link to test for form and the custom buttons.


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