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Useful tips for Chalk

Explore some helpful tips & tricks to get the most out of Chalk UI

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Chalk useful tips for your development journey.

Chalk UI is an enterprise product, designed for both small and large teams. If you're new to Webflow, things can be a little overwhelming, and this article provides you some useful tips when building with Chalk.

👉 Flowbase Chrome Extension
👉 xAtom Chrome Extension
👉 Finsweet Chrome Extension
👉 Flowbase Boosters App
👉 Useful Shortcuts

1. Install the Flowbase Chrome Extension

The Flowbase Chrome Extension will allow you to quickly access all Chalk components from directly inside your Webflow designer. This means you can quickly grab any sort of component without having to leave your designer. Some additional benefits include:

  • Library of Chalk Components
  • Image Optimization Tool
  • Custom Shortcuts Creator
  • Figma > Webflow Color Importer
2. Install the xAtom Chrome Extension

The xAtom Chrome Extension is a powerful way to merge and manage classes as you add new components to your project. This extension will monitor incoming classes and merge them to reduce duplicates. This means your incoming components match with your existing project in seconds.

3. Install the Boosters Webflow App

The Flowbase Boosters Webflow App, is the simplest way to add advanced custom code solutions to your Webflow projects. This is a growing library of solutions, which can be added to your project through simple attributes to unlock some key features. Some useful boosters that you can add to your Chalk projects are:

  • Show & Hide Password Booster to show and hide input field data
  • Line Clamp Booster to limit the characters and lines of your text copy
  • Cookies Booster to hide elements for a specific amount of time
  • CountUp Booster for an interesting animation to count up to a specific number
  • And more!
4. Install the Finsweet Chrome Extension

The Finsweet Chrome Extension will provide you with a bunch of useful features for Chalk and beyond. For Chalk this extension will allow the follow key benefits:

  • Convert PX > REM
  • Folders for utility class management
  • Spacing System Installer
5. Useful Shortcuts

Shortcuts in Webflow can rapidly increase your development speed, and while it might be intimidating at first, you can slowly add these shortcuts to memory, and speed up a bunch of common actions. Some examples of useful shortcuts in Chalk development are the following:

  • Unwrap an element (CTRL + SHIFT + G)
  • Wrap an element in a div-block (CTRL + ALT + G)
  • Access end combo class (CTRL + ENTER)

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