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How does the subscription work?

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How do your subscriptions work?

Flowbase offers a few different types of products, details about the these types of products and inclusions are available below.

1. Subscription Service

Our primary service is a subscription service that allows you to subscribe to gain access to our library of (a) Components, (b) Illustrations and (c) Premium Features. This is a service that you can subscribe and unsubscribe from at any-time during your creation process.

1.1 Components

Flowbase provides the world's largest collection of Components for Webflow, Figma and Framer. With a premium subscription you unlock access to all 3,000+ components which can be used to build your own websites and products. We are always adding new components, so you'll get access to great content regularly.

1.2 Illustrations

Flowbase provides a growing collection of vector based illustrations that are available for personal & commercial usage.

1.3 Premium Features

With a subscription you also get access to all current and future premium features associated with our Chrome Extension & Boosters Applications.

2. Templates & Figma Files

Flowbase templates are sold individually, and you can purchase these for their respective platforms (Webflow, Figma and Framer). These purchases are made through either Webflow directly, or our store on LemonSqueezy. Use templates to build complete projects with ease and customise them to suit any sort of project.


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