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How to get started with Webflow Boosters

Webflow boosters allow you to add advanced functionality into your projects, here's how to get started

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Getting Started

To get started with Webflow Boosters, you need to download the Webflow Booster Application. You can install the app to any site, or to your whole workspace to ensure all future sites also have the Booster app. Of course, If you don't want to use the Booster App, you can also add all browse all boosters and add them via instructions on each booster.

Once installed, the Booster app will allow you to add powerful custom code solutions via our simple attribute and scripts system. These boosters are coded solution, built to perform and support the creation of innovative products.

Authorize your sites, or workspace.

When installing the application, you can decide what sites the app should be installed to, or select the workspace to add access to all projects.

Open App Tray

Once installed, you can find the booster app from the application tray on your sidebar.

Launch the App

When installing the application, you can decide what sites the app should be installed to. By selecting your workspace, you can automatically have access to the Booster application on all your projects.


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