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How do I get started with components?

Learn how to get started copying components and get building today!

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Getting Started with Components

To start copying components from the library first you'll first need to create an account - you can start with a free account, or sign up to our Pro+ program here.

All you will need is a supported browser like Chrome, or Firefox (Please note that Safari is not supported due to its clipboard limitations). Components can be added into your favourite platforms like Webflow, Figma & Framer by a simple paste into the canvas.

Browse the Library

Browse through the library and find a component suitable for your project. We're always adding new components, so check back regularly for new content. On average we try to add about 10-20 new components each month.

Copy the component

Once you've found the component you'd like to use, you can click 'Copy Component' button on the right side of the page. This will add the component to your clipboard so it's ready to paste directly into your project. It's that easy!

Paste into your Paltform

Components can be copied into your favourite platform, simply click (CTRL + V). The component is easily customisable so you can seamlessly integrate it in to your own project.

For Webflow, we recommend targetting the <body> layer and pasting once it has been selected.

Our components help you get the base structure of common components with ease, but we always encourge your customisation and creativity to push them further!


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