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We're creators just like you and we're here to help you build better products without the stress. If you make something cool, mention us on socials #flowbase for a retweet and feature!

Important: We recommend downloading our chrome extension for the best experience and in app access to all our features.

Chrome Extension

Want to access all our Webflow features without leaving the designer?  Well now you can with our Chrome Extension. Simply install it and you'll see a shiny new button in your Webflow designer!

Component Access
Image Optimization
Icon Libraries
Custom Shortcuts
Color Import & Edit Tools

Copying Components to Webflow & Figma.

You can find our full library at flowbase.co - from here you can copy components and paste them into your Webflow & Figma projects. If you are having problems, be sure you are using a preferred browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Using FlowUI Components

We offer a growing library of wireframe / low-fidelity components that are built to help with core structure and common layouts. These components follow a consistent class naming approach and include a large Figma file to help with common utilties and layouts.