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Added November 22
New UI Collection - Zen

We've added a new collection called Zen. Browse through 40+ beautiful components suitable for all types of business.

Added October 22
UI Update
Updated Product UI

We're excited to introduce our refreshed website! We've revamped our product's user interface to enhance usability and accessibility throughout our entire platform. Take a moment to dive into our updated components library, complete with enhanced filters and improved discoverability.

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Added October 11
Product Launch
Meet Illustrations

We're thrilled to announce a new addition for our valued members: Illustrations. You can now easily download and customize these vector-based illustrations for your unique projects.

Browse Illustrations
Added October 22
Figma Asset
Globes - 30+ Vector Illustrations

Collection of globes and maps with various styles and layouts that can be used in your own projects and designs. Download the asset for Figma today.

Added September 11
Figma Asset
Doodles & Scribbles - Volume 2

Large collection of vector doodles and scribbles perfect for use in marketing and UI design. This collection includes over 100 vector based assets. View this collection

Added August 21
UI Collection
Spark - SaaS Template

Empower your enterprise-focused brand with our UI collection - Spark. Designed for excellence, our versatile elements enhance user experiences, streamline workflows, and elevate your digital presence. Browse Components

Added August 20
Verve - SaaS Template

Verve is a sleek and powerful SaaS website template for modern businesses. With customizable layouts, seamless integration, and excellent performance, it helps create a captivating online presence for driving business growth. Get the Verve Template

Added August 02
UI Collection
Prism - Component Collection

Introducing Prism , our latest UI collection that is perfect for technology and startups.The collection features a modern and sleek design, with a focus on usability and functionality. Browse the full component collection today.

Added June 16
Accord - Portfolio Template

The Accord template is the perfect solution for creative professionals looking to showcase their work in a clean and modern way. With a variety of customizable features, including the option to add your own branding and color scheme, this template is fully adaptable to your personal style.

Added June 12
Onyx - Technology Template

Onyx is a sleek and stylish Webflow template that is designed to give your website a professional and sophisticated look. With its dark color scheme and modern typography, Onyx is the perfect choice for businesses in the technology sector, particularly SaaS companies.

Added March 14
UI Collection
Apex - Component Collection

Apex is a sleek and modern UI website template, designed for use with both Webflow and Figma. This template boasts a clean and minimal aesthetic, offering a professional look and feel to your website. All assets are vector and can be edited via the Figma components.

Added March 14
Cubex - Technology Template

Introducing Cubex, our modern SaaS template designed specifically for businesses looking to launch their own software-as-a-service product. With a clean and professional design, Cubex makes it easy to showcase the features and benefits of your product to potential customers.

Added March 04
Raze - Business Template

Raze is a modern UI Kit for businesses who want to create a professional and effective online presence quickly and easily. Featuring over 18+ unique pages and plenty of reusable components, you have complete freedom to choose a layout that suits your needs.

Added Feburary 02
FeedSpring - New Application

We've been busy also working on a brand new product to help you build powerful feeds into Webflow. Now you can design feeds like Google Reviews, Instagram, Dribbble to look exactly the way you want with your real live data. Get started for free and see how it works for you!

Added January 11
UI Collection
Terrace - Component Collection

Introducing Terrace, our latest UI collection that is perfect for creatives and traditional business. The collection features a modern and sleek design, with a focus on usability and functionality.

Added January 04
Cento - Ecommerce Store

Introducing Cento, our newest ecommerce template that is set to power your online shopping. Built with the latest technologies and user-centric design principles, Cento offers a seamless shopping experience for both customers and merchants.

Sanctuary - Interior Design & Ecommerce

Introducing Sanctuary, our newest interior design template that is perfect for interior design firms, home staging companies, and anyone in the home decor industry. Sanctuary template is carefully crafted and designed to showcase your interior design projects and portfolio in a beautiful and professional way.

UI Collection
Breeze - Component Collection

Our latest collection is now available on the marketplace. It's named Breeze, and it's the perfect traditional business focused collection with some super usable components and layouts.

Members - Membership Template

Members is the first Webflow template that has complete membership and accounts functionality integrated seamlessly into it.

Seraph - SaaS Template

Seraph is a template optimised for SaaS startups. This template features multiple pages, CMS powered blogs and reusable sections. Our template will help you're business create a professional and effective online presence quickly and easily.

Flowbase - Figma Plugin

Our Figma plugin is now live and provides you the best way to copy components into your Figma projects. Simply download the plugin and open it inside of Figma to get started.

UI Collection
Alley - UI Collection

Our latest collection is now available on the marketplace. It's named Alley, and it's the perfect technology and business focused collection with some super usable components and layouts.

Category - Cards & Elements

We've added a new category for cards and UI elements. These are useful elements that can be added to content sections, headers and can help communicate ideas. We have a huge selection so there are plenty of layouts to help you get started.

New Platform - Figma Components

This update includes the ability to instantly copy all premium components directly into Figma. That's right, now you can simply click the copy button from our website and paste the component of your choice directly into the Figma canvas.

This is an absolute game changer and a whole new way to add components & layouts into your designs. It also means you are no longer restricted to only copying whole collections at a time.

We're actively testing this over the next few days, if you have any problems please reach out to our friendly support crew!

Our Figma plugin is currently in development and we expect that to release in the coming weeks.

Improved Search & Filtering

This update includes a complete overhaul to our search and filtering making it so much easier.

1. Copy component buttons have been added to the main library list!
2. Clicking on a component opens a detailed overlay directly from the library list!
3. Improved search & filtering from the sidebar filter
4. Utilites has its own section for quick access to common UI elements

Webflow Image Optimization

Optimizing images is one of the most important tasks when improving your websites load times and SEO. We know it can be a pain if images are not proactively optimized before being added into your projects. That's why this update includes a brand new tool that you can access directly inside of the Webflow designer.

Now when you click assets inside the designer you can automatically optimize these without ever leaving the designer. Of course, you'll need to install our extension which can be done in just a few clicks.