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How to animate type with typed JS

Here is the code:

<script src=""></script>

Include the following scripts:

var typed4 = new Typed('#typed-text', {        
strings: ['Look ma I\'m typing.', 'This is awesome!', 'Let\'s do it again. Weee!'],        
typeSpeed: 75,      
backSpeed: 25,        
bindInputFocusEvents: true,        
loop: true,        
cursorChar: '_',        
backDelay: 1000,        
startDelay: 1000    

Just replace the strings with your own text/sentences.

Be sure if you have a " ’ " in a sentence you are writing like “Hey I’m…” to include a backslash before the " ’ " so it doesn’t break the code The symbol with the | key underneath the delete button). Hope this helps make things easy!

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