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Webflow Masterclass

As you've probably realized by now, Webflow is a pretty powerful tool. It gives you, me and everyone the ability to create something that could be of great use to many. Its very possible that Webflow helps you prototype or even build the next Facebook, Reddit, or even Youtube... OR maybe it just helps you connect with Suvlaki hungry customers if your local area.

So what would I learn?

Basic Structure & Guidelines for Building a Real Client Site
Designing the website in Adobe Xd
Exporting Elements & Naming Conventions
Uploading Files, Selecting Fonts & General Overview
Building Landing Page From Design
Connecting a CMS (Blog)
Designing a Blog Page & How it Connects
Adding a Team Section
Setting Up SEO
Hosting With Webflow
Hosting With Amazon (Cheap)
Webflow Ecommerce Introduction
Righto, so how much is it?


I've tried to make this course as affordable as possible and I think it can provide great value to those wanting to get started with webflow, or learn something new.

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