Introducing Starfire
Project Starter Kit

Elements is a collection of re-usable and common components to help power-up your webflow builds. Take control over global classes and class styles to guide your projects to success. Re-use this template for your clients style guides, documentation and more.

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Product Overview

Thanks for checking out the formly style guide.

Use this style guide to rapidly take control over global styles and power the direction of your webflow build.
Common components can be used across unlimted projects, and can provide a great place for your clients brand.

Feature Overview:

  • Comprehensive Style Guide & UI Library
  • Design - Colour, Typography, Shadow
  • Product - Banners, Forms, Buttons
  • Advanced Tabs & Platform Demos
  • Full Overview & Guides
  • World Class Support Team

Popular Use Cases

  • Clients Style Guide Page
  • Product Documentation
  • Webflow Website Style Guide

Global Styles

Instead of using classes, you must click the header then in the Selector drop-down where you would type in the class name, select “All H1 Headings” then make your change.  Same goes for all base heading elements. Click the element, choose “All heading 5”, then any changes you make to that will be reflected across all in the site.

Follow the same procedure for body text and paragraphs - which are specified on the Body element.  Select the body element, and from the Selector dropdown, choose “Body (All Pages)” and change the typography settings for that element.  These styles then flow through to the paragraphs and other generic text elements in the site.

How to Use

The fastest way to browse the kit is to go into preview mode and then select from the menu on the left site.

Once you're at a section you would like to clone you can simply copy (CTRL + C) on the elements parent wrapper and paste it to your own project. In order to copy components, you must first clone the library to your webflow dashboard.

More Cloneables

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Colour Palette

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Brand Primary Palette

Primary Purple
Purple 002
Purple 003
Purple 004
Purple 005
Primary Blue
Blue 002
Blue 003
Blue 004
Blue 005
Primary Pink
Peach Puff
Sky Blue

Typography Palette

Title Blue

Status Palette

states & status
Note: These colours represent certain product states & status - This includes Success, Warning, Danger and Info. These colours can be found on your global colour pallette.