March 10, 2022

How to Reorder Webflow Color Swatches

Organise, reorder and rename your color swatches directly inside your projects.

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Reorganize and Rename your Colors inside Webflow

Sick of your color swatches not being the order you want, need to settle that undiagnosed OCD. We totally understand, it's why we include the simple and free organisation feature inside our chrome extension.

1. Download the Chrome Extension

In order reorder and rename your swatches, you'll need to download our Webflow Chrome Extension. Our Chrome Extension provides a number of free features that help you build better and faster with Webflow.

2. Open Tool Belt & Select Color Organizer

Inside of the Webflow designer, you should now see the Flowbase Extension Icon. From here you can access the toolbelt and find the color organisation tool. Simply drag your colors and release your cursor to reorder your swatches. You can edit the name of them by selected the text inside this edit panel and start typing a new name.

3. Rename & Click and Drag

Simply click on a color and rename it directly inside of the extension tool

4. Save and get back to work

Save the color swatches and get back to your work with ease.